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Heritage Picture Framing Services offers you a choice of over 7,000 mouldings and a wide range of styles and finishes to suit every framing requirement. For a brief description of Moulding types please read on. Alternatively follow the link for each pdf file under the relevant heading of your choice.

As with all of our products we offer a free Framing Consultation service.

We are able, by appointment, at no cost to the client, initially visit clients to advise and help choose their requirements.

The following descriptions will help you to understand the Products:-

We have now extended this website to include our new picture frame mouldings, which will be regularly updated.

Moulding Codes Under each illustration some codes are followed by another code in brackets. This represents:-

  • Some mouldings are so similar that an illustration can represent more than one, so both codes are listed with one code in brackets.
  • If you require mouldings that are not seen on this website, we may still be able to supply them to you. Please contact us for availability and samples. Alternatively we are always pleased to quote for a moulding to be specially made for you.
  • We are always happy to provide samples to you to choose from free of charge.

Content Descriptions

Wood mouldings in their natural form. We have many types of timber such as pine, obeche, maple, ash, tuilip, ramin and cherry.

White and other composition mouldings for you to finish yourself.

Colour Stain & Natural Woods
Various colour stains, natural lacquers, limed oaks, antique coloured pines, Victorian embossed range, plank range and washed mouldings.

Highly polished finished mouldings including our Melamine range and the standard cushions and hockey stick shapes in glossy colours.

Plain & Embossed Woods
Our renowned stained mahogany and other wood finishes, either plain or embossed. Also included are Veneers. This range is predominantly based on ramin.

Most of our black finished mouldings are shown under the black section, but you will find some in other sections.

Coloured Wood Range
These are predominantly golds and silvers with a coloured tint.

Plain Gold & Silver
All our plain and shaped golds and silvers including the Gal range, deep rebates, hockey sticks, cushions, flats and diagonals.

Ornate Gold & Silver
All golds and silvers which are ornate or have some embossing.


We offer a choice of over 7000 mouldings in a range of styles, colours and finishes to suit every framing requirement.
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Oval &
Swept Frames
Ready made swept or oval frames with that extra ‘wow’ factor, available in various colours, shapes and sizes.
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Mirrors &
Photo Frames
A magnificent range of readymade mirrors and photo frames from Traditional, Venetian Mirror Glass to Modern day and more.
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We have over 400 colours to choose from including conservation boards for that extra protection
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Protective picture glazing is an absolutely vital element of quality framing. Numerous options are available to protect a variety of pictures.
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